5 great reasons to use resistance bands

5 great reasons to use resistance bands

In the world of sports and exercise, you soon realize that success in these areas begins with consistency. If you want to see the results of the exercises you do or the sport you practice, you must be constant. That means not skipping training. With the jet-set lifestyle, we live today that makes it difficult to comply with any training plan. We cannot take our gym equipment with us when we travel and, in some cases, there is not always a gym available. That brings us to the first great reason to use them.

Reason # 1:

The resistance bands are lightweight and can easily be put in a travel bag or even in a carry-on luggage. This means that we can take them when we travel. They are also very flexible and can be squeezed in any free space, provided there are no sharp elements that can damage them.

Reason # 2:

The intensity of a training session with resistance bands is limited only to your imagination. If you feel too easy, you can increase the amount of resistance bands you use. Almost all the exercises that are performed and the way in which you establish resistance bands will cause you to contract the central muscles, which will strengthen them.

Reason # 3:

When using weights, you are always aware of gravity. The more weight you lift, the risk of gravity winning that repetition increases. When fatigue begins and weights are in an elevated position, gravity wins again. To work safely with weights is a good practice to have an observer. With resistance bands, gravity is much less a factor. If the resistance of the band is too great, it can stop without winning by gravity. An observer is not a requirement when using this article.

Reason # 4:

The environment that is needed has very few limits. The limit would be that you need a place to join the bands to something safe. This is not for all exercises, but there are many that you need to attach one end of the band to a secure anchor. If there is a door with a door that closes, your problem is solved. Another element to which the band can attach is a pole. The resistance band is extremely versatile. In almost any environment you can do; warm-up exercises, muscle resistance training, plyometrics and cardio.

Reason # 5:

They are relatively cheap compared to weights. When using weights, if you want to increase resistance, you should buy more weight. With resistance bands, you can use several ways to increase resistance. It is cheaper to buy an extra band than to buy an extra weight. With a band, you can shorten the band to increase the resistance or stand further away from the anchor point. Again, you are only limited by your own imagination.

These are 5 great reasons to try resistance bands. The versatility of this article makes it very popular for professionals and beginners in the fields of sport and exercise.