Make your children move from video games to outdoor play

When I was a child, I remember how I used to run, jump and move in our private play area with different children. Online exercises are currently reclassifying the way our children learn and play. In truth, we, the guardians, are part of this change. For my part, I chose to buy my children a PC instead of a playground equipment, since I felt safer keeping them inside than outside. Be that as it may, recognizing those exercises online also has its dangers; I returned the external recreations to his lifestyle. This is how I did it!

Allowing them to make a mess

The first step was to allow my children to get dirty. Instead of looking at the ground outdoors as an obstruction to investigate and have a good time, I took this opportunity to educate my children about the importance of individual cleaning. I made it clear that they can play on the floor, however, once they venture into the house, the time has come to order as an important aspect of their wellness program. From adolescence to the teenager’s hood, this allowed my children to run and move without dying of sweat and mud.

Get it out

I discovered that some things that used to delight inside can be better appreciated outside. This incorporates storybooks, balls, squares, and yes, people too! Drawing a part of the toys allowed my children to design better approaches to play with them. Even our family celebration was more fun when it was done outdoors. Leaving a tangle on the floor and taking out the story books conveyed a fascinating turn to our conventional stories about sleep time, while the celestial bodies of stars in the sky were an extraordinary approach to stimulating creative energy. In fact, even when my children became teenagers, they would in any case establish a portable shelter and hold a grill with their classmates, a comfortable terrace.

Backyard Improvement

I used to take my children to a business playground every day late in the afternoon. The office tutor revealed to me that the swing, the swing, the slide, the exercise center in the desert, the litter box and the tic-tac-toe are vital for the child’s improvement. So I tried to establish our own play area at home. Obviously, I didn’t have the same amount of game structures as the business one, however, I got a lot of that.

To begin, we realize that children get fit in the outdoor play equipment. All physical exercises allow them to create bones and muscles more grounded, in addition to the additional banquet of vitamin D from the sun. In any case, what I didn’t know is that you can use a play area in response to a baby’s anger attacks. This is because babies need a feeling of freedom and control over the land; Thus, this often results in attacks of anger. For my children, a free game in the play area was a direct approach to meet this need.

Invite them to

In a short time, when I prepared the lawn, the neighbors began to enter, first the children, at that time their parents. I did not imagine how a direct change in the courtyard could improve social life. My children, my partner and I suddenly discovered individuals who shared and understood our feelings, our interests, our daily concerns and even our fantasies.

Go beyond the backyard

I assumed that if I really needed to instruct my children about the world, I should go through our private terrace. This investigation began with rides in the recreation center, riding a bicycle in the side streets and visits to nearby gardens when they were practically nothing. As they developed, we have crossed towns and nations, taking full advantage of nature’s miracles through boating, conducting research and trekking through the mountains.

Uniting each of these encounters makes me understand how far my children have come, from investigating the land of the outdoor patio to building a bold soul. I trust that even in the current era of the PC, children appreciate similar things that we enjoyed in those days since that is the human instinct!

In addition, as my children discovered how to welcome outside, they also discovered how to handle genuine people, not just those found for all purposes in the informal community. In addition, it is best to appreciate each other’s conversation as a family. Now that is something that web-based games certainly can’t do!