No gym no problems affordable home gym ideas

If you’ve ever lived in an apartment and you’re like me, then it’s almost tortuous to have the same design all the time. Unfortunately, it is locked in a lease and you should make the most of it. Even if you loved your place when you moved in, you could get bored of the way your stuff is set up. That said, I wish my girlfriend and I had a second bedroom so we could put all our training. Yes, we could go to the gym in our apartment complex, but honestly, I feel a little strange due to its proximity to the leasing center. Going to a gym is one thing, but I like to exercise when I can climb the stairs.

Some things that I have discovered that are very useful for exercising in my department are resistance bands, a drawbar and a punching bag of any weight. Resistance bands offer incredible versatility because you can use them like almost any piece of gym equipment. For example, you stand on them and curl up or wrap your back and do push-ups with greater resistance. You can use them in almost any way and do a good job.

The pull-up bar is used, of course, for the pull-ups, but you can take the punching bag, hang it from the lifting bar and do some kicks and light strokes. I used to have a punching bag with a 100-pound bag and I loved to punch it and kick it. It was one of the best workouts I have done and I was very disappointed when I got rid of the bag and stood up. The punching bag can be used like other things too. You can do a bench or squats with him. Almost everything you do with weights or without weights can be done with this punching bag. It is a bit cumbersome even if it is a lightweight bag. You can also train your auxiliary muscles in this way. Due to the uncomfortable nature of working with the bag, your body needs to remain straight and stable.